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We create excitement around learning! Full-day or part-day preschool options, and extended-day care.

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Full-day Stepping Stones Preschool and half-day Kaleidoscope Preschool

Kaleidoscope Preschool is our half-day, part to full-week option.
Kaleidoscope Preschool offers half-day preschool programming 2-5 days per week. Combine your child's half-day Kaleidoscope session with Stay & Explore extended-day options to extend your child's school day.

Stepping Stones Preschool is our full-day preschool option Monday-Friday from 6:45 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Inside Hopkins preschools you'll discover a nurturing environment designed to create excitement around learning while building a strong social and academic foundation for kindergarten and beyond. Our signature Reggio Emilia Approach promotes curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, and development of the whole child. Our preschool program has received a 4-Star rating from Parent Aware.

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Stay & Explore: Extended-day options

Extend your child's half-day Kaleidoscope Preschool session by adding extended-day options before and/or after your child’s Kaleidoscope Preschool (options vary by site) session at the Eisenhower, Gatewood, Harley, or Meadowbrook sites. Your child will enjoy the same learning and social experiences found in our preschool program and you will appreciate the flexibility of extending your child's school day to fit your family's needs.

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Stepping Stones Full-Day Preschool program

Full-day, year-round preschool program

Half-Day Kaleidoscope Preschool

Kaleidoscope: Half-day, 2-5 days per week preschool program

Preschool Stay & Explore Extended-Day Options

Add extended-day options to your half-day Kaleidoscope Preschool session for your 4- to 5-year-old.