Early Childhood Screening

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Why does my child need early childhood screening?

The State of Minnesota requires that an Early Childhood Screening be done for every child prior to entering kindergarten. Screening can be done from age three to age five.

What does screening include?

Screening includes a vision, hearing and developmental assessment, as well as an opportunity for you to discuss any family circumstances that you feel my affect your child's learning readiness.

Should I wait until right before Kindergarten to screen my child?

No, earlier is better! The screening expectations are adjusted for the age of the child. If there are any areas of concern, early identification will benefit your child and allow time to access services prior to kindergarten.

Where is the screening done?

The screening takes place at the Harley Hopkins Early Childhood Family Center, 125 S. Monroe Avenue, Hopkins. This is a free service and takes about an hour to complete.

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Appointments are available throughout the school year, September through May. Screenings are not scheduled during the summer months.

How does this differ from a physical exam?

A school nurse will meet with you and your child. Your child's vision and hearing will be assessed and you will be asked questions about your child's social interactions, health concerns, and family dynamics. Your child will also complete tasks that assess cognitive skills, fine and gross motor ability, and speech, language, and articulation.

What if concerns arise at the screening?

Options include re-screening an area, referral to your health care provider and/or the school district, or referral to preschool or ECFE classes. Handouts and ideas are also available to help you work with your child at home.

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