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Morning Meeting at Eisenhower Elementary

Start your Kindergarten day off right with a morning meeting at Eisenhower Elementary! You will visit a couple of our language immersion kindergarten classrooms in XinXing Academy Juntos Spanish Immersion and learn how to greet your new classmates in both Chinese and Spanish! 

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Reading and Math Lesson at Alice Smith

You are going to learn so much in Kindergarten! Join us for a lesson in reading and counting in an Alice Smith Elementary kindergarten classroom. Find out how to spell the word for one of your favorite pets, and learn how to count the letters in a word! Remember to follow along and answer the teacher's questions! 

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Take a Walking Tour of Tanglen Elementary

Join Principal Jim Hebeisen for a walking tour around Tanglen Elementary. Check in on a couple different Kindergarten classrooms during their choice time, and then take a brain break by walking the amazing sensory path with a fellow kindergartener! 

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Meet New Friends at Meadowbrook

It's time to play! One of the best parts about Kindergarten is meeting new friends. Join a Meadowbrook kindergarten class for lunch and recess and hear about their favorite parts about kindergarten. Don't forget to have fun!

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Dancing with DJ Jazzy Jeff at Glen Lake

It's time to get moving at Glen Lake Elementary! Getting consistent exercise is a great way to ensure your body and mind are both ready to learn. Join students for gym and learn some new dance moves from Glen Lake's resident DJ Jazzy Jeff. Make sure to try the dance moves at home!

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Plant Science at Gatewood Elementary

Join us in the Gatewood Greenhouse to take part in a plant science experiment growing some grass seed. We will decorate our pots with a goofy face so when the grass grows it will give the face some hair. This is an easy experiment you can try at home. Try planting some seeds you find outside!

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