Strategic Plan

How we're delivering on the goals and outcomes of Vision2031. 

Vision 2031 was launched in Fall 2018 as a bold response to community-wide stakeholder engagement and a call to action to reimagine public education. More than 250 staff, students, and community members served on Strategic Task Forces in the fall of 2018 to help us identify what success will look like in 2031.

As we continue to operationalize the core tenants of Vision 2031, we have divided our work into three main goal areas: Learning and Teaching, Operations, and District Culture. Within each goal area, there are specific outcomes that are aligned with our overarching strategies. This process is our strategic plan for Vision 2031. 

Strategic Plan Goals

Teaching and Learning text with two students work together to build an arm prothetic using everyday items.

Every E-12+ classroom will move toward rigorous concept- and inquiry-based personalized learning that activates literate, critically conscious behaviors and is undergirded by wellness and restorative practices.

Text: School and District Culture, Photo: Two women help a Hopkins senior during the Native American Feather Ceremony.

We will increase wellness by building a workplace culture that is safe and caring. We will experience wholeness by increasing trust, sharing power, and ensuring people are of equal worth.

Text: Operations, Teachers walk into Hopkins High School while the sidewalk is lined with staff and students cheering.

We will identify and address system gaps or flaws that prevent Hopkins Public Schools employees from doing their jobs efficiently or effectively. 


Our Mission

Hopkins Public Schools serves the community by welcoming all learners, honoring culture, and inspiring remarkable growth and achievement. Our district is a special place and unique in many ways. We are academically focused, but also human-focused. There is no typical Hopkins student, and we value that diversity. We are a blend of faiths, cultures, and backgrounds forming a district of individuals with rich stories. You are welcome at Hopkins. You belong at Hopkins.

Our Values

In Hopkins, our core values represent how we show up to work every day. The more we are able to embody and embrace our core values, the more successful we will be in our goal of reaching Vision 2031.

The values that define us are:

  • Authentic Inclusivity
  • Intentionally Adventurous
  • Optimistic Innovation
  • Humility of Heart
  • Vigilant Equity 
  • Love