VirtualEDU Application

Apply to the VirtualEDU K-12 Online Learning Community

VirtualEDU is open to all students living in Minnesota.

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Complete a VIrtualEDU Application form (find form below).

  2. Complete an Open Enrollment Application (if you live outside the Hopkins School District).

  3. Watch for a confirmation from the enrollment team with an offer for your space.
  4. Confirm your space with an enrollment team member.
  5. Complete the Hopkins Public Schools Student Enrollment Form.

Step 1: Complete the VirtualEDU Application

The following form is an application to the Hopkins Public Schools K-12 VirtualEDU K-12 online learning program.

 By completing the VirtualEDU Application, you understand that:

  • The initial application period  for Hopkins Public Schools' 2022-23 VirtualEDU program opened on May 1, 2022. Applications received by the deadline are included in the initial placement process based on Hopkins Public Schools' placement priority process. A lottery system is used if more students apply than the program can accommodate. Learn more about Hopkins Public Schools' placement priorities and lottery process.

  • Once the deadline is passed, you are welcome to apply. You will be added to a wait list based on the date your application is received.

  • Notification letters will be sent out to families who are offered placement. Families need to respond to the placement offer by the deadline to secure a space.  A signed acceptance letter will be required.

  • 1-year commitment: when you accept a space in VirtualEDU, it is a 1-year commitment before you can apply for in-district transfer.  

  • The Hopkins School District stands ready to provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) based on the educational needs identified in the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). In addition:

    • The Minnesota Department of Education and their Online Learning Provider accreditation requires if your child receives special services that an IEP meeting must be held prior to enrollment in an online program. 

    • When a child with an IEP is offered placement in VirtualEDU the parent/guardian(s) and the IEP team will collaborate to determine (1) FAPE location of special education and related services as directed by the IEP and (2) modify IEP goals and services to ensure the child’s needs are met in the new online educational setting.  

Step 2: Complete an Open Enrollment Application if you live outside the Hopkins School District

If you live outside the Hopkins schools district, you will need to complete an Open Enrollment form in order to apply to any Hopkins Public Schools program. If you are a resident in the Hopkins school district, you do not need to complete the Open Enrollment form. 

Not sure if you live in the Hopkins School District? Click here.

The deadline for Open Enrollment applications for the 2022-23 school year is on January 18, 2022, to be entered into the initial lottery. All applications received after January 18 are added to the waiting list based on the date received. If you are offered a placement, you will need to provide a proof of residency.

Step 3: Watch for a confirmation from enrollment team to complete the online enrollment form

After completing steps 1 and 2, please watch for an email confirmation from the Hopkins Public Schools enrollment team with important information such as:

  • Additional materials you may need to submit.
  • If you have been placed on a waitlist or if you are have been given an offer to confirm your child's placement.
  • A link to the online student Enrollment Form.

If you receive an offer for placement into VirtualEDU, please confirm your acceptance with an enrollment team member.

Questions for VirtualEDU Staff?

Email: VirtualEDU@

Phone: 952-988-4050

Need help from the Enrollment Team? 

Email: Enrollment@

Phone: 952-988-4110 
Fax: 952-988-4113