Enrollment Confirmation

Thank you for submitting the Hopkins School District online enrollment form for your scholar. If you elected to receive a copy of your submission, you will receive a confirmation email shortly with your response to have for your records. Once your submission has been reviewed, you will be contacted via email if there is any missing information to complete your scholar's enrollment. Additionally, you will be contacted by the school with information about your scholar's start date.

If you have additional scholars to enroll in grades Kindergarten to 12, please complete an additional Enrollment Form.

Next Steps

Once you've completed the online enrollment form, you may be asked to provide Immunization Records for your scholar (Kindergarten only). Additionally, if you are in need of before- and after-school care, you can find more information on options available for your family at the link below.

Before & After School Care 

Additional Forms Needed to Complete Enrollment

Please fill out the Resident Student K-12 Transportation Form and Free Meals and Food Assistance Form (only needed for new families) though the Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account.


Resident Student K-12 Transportation Form

This form is used to assess transportation needs, determine eligibility, and plan busing for students. "Daycare" includes providers and/or family members providing care at a location other than the parent/guardian's residence. If your child does not need transportation provided by the school district, please complete this form and check "Bus Not Needed."

Consistent bus stops are necessary for the safety of students. Students are not allowed to make changes regarding their pick-up or delivery bus stops. Example: riding a bus to a friend's house.

If your information changes, please notify the Transportation Department, 952-988-4115 or SchoolBus@HopkinsSchools.org

Special transportation arrangements may be considered for daycare students. A student may be:

  • Picked up at home, attend school, then delivered to daycare
  • Picked up at daycare, attend school, and delivered to home
  • Picked up at daycare, attend school, and delivered to daycare.

The above transportation arrangements can be made under the following conditions:

  1. Both addresses are within the attendance area of the school.
  2. The pattern is regular, providing the same pick-up address and the same drop-off address every day.

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Free Meals and Food Assistance Form

*Required for new families only

Step 1: Set up Parent Portal Account for Infinite Campus

Need an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account? Complete this form and your activation key will be sent to you.  We understand the urgency and are responding to requests as soon as possible.

This form is for new portal accounts.  If you have a portal account, but need a password reset, please call our Help Desk at 952-988-4111.

Step 2: Submit an application

Once account is created, either apply online in the Parent Portal Account within Infinite Campus or download and submit an application from the options below.

English Application & InstructionsEspañol Spanish Application & InstructionSoomaali Somali Applications & InstructionHmong Application & Instructions