Board Goals

The School Board establishes goals annually that are aligned with the District's mission of, "Hopkins Public Schools serves the community by welcoming all learners, honoring culture, and inspiring remarkable growth and achievement." Once approved, the Board goals serve as the foundation from which the Superintendent will build her goals and, thereafter, the goals of District administrators and principals.

Board Goals

Board goals for the 2018-19 school year were approved on August 28, 2018.

Goal I:  Strategic Planning

•  The Strategic Planning Committee Board reps will participate in Strategic Planning with GoKart Labs.

•  We will meet in a workshop with GoKart Labs.

•  We will share the vision of the District in our community meetings.

Goal II:  Adopt-a-School

•  Each Board member will partner with two schools for the year:

      √      Jen — Harley Hopkins Family Center/Hopkins North Junior High School

      √      Fartun — Eisenhower Elementary/Hopkins West Junior High School

      √      Chris — Alice Smith Elementary/Hopkins High School

      √      Steve — Tanglen Elementary/Hopkins North Junior High School

      √      Dave — Gatewood Elementary/Hopkins High School 

      √      Kris — Glen Lake Elementary/Hopkins West Junior High School  

      √      Wendy — Meadowbrook Elementary/Hopkins High School

•      We will meet with the principal at each of the two sites

•      We will find ways to share the new strategic vision and mission of the District

•      We will build relationships with all staff

•      We will attend events to meet parents and students

•      We will share our successes and challenges at Board meetings during Board reports

Goal III:  Reduce Board Meetings and Increase Community Engagement

•      We will reduce Board meetings and workshops to once a month

•      We will have four Board Listening Sessions and/or community engagement events this year

•      We will engage the community through listening and hosting community meals in our local parks:

      √      September 11 – Valley Park

      √      September 25 — Cottageville Park (followed by Board Meeting at 7pm)

      √      October 9 — Brookview Park

Goal IV:  Student Voices

•      Restructuring Student Board Representation to allow more students to participate

•      Create ways to hear more student voices and input at Board meetings

•      Invite student clubs/groups to engage with us in a workshop setting – in their space 

Goal V:  Policy

•      Create a Board policy to ensure we use an equity lens for everything