Board Goals

The School Board establishes goals annually that are aligned with the District's mission of, "Hopkins Public Schools serves the community by welcoming learners, honoring culture, and inspiring remarkable growth and achievement." Once approved, the Board goals serve as the foundation from which the Superintendent will build his goals and, thereafter, the goals of District administrators and principals.

Board Goals

The Board goals — including indicators — for the 2016-17 school year were approved on April 21, 2016.

Strategic Pathway:  Innovate

Encourage imaginative thinking, calculated risks, and innovative solutions to achieve the best outcomes for students.

We will:

√  Inspire transformational learning through dynamic learning experiences that require critical thinking, creativity, and a global perspective.

√  Sharpen our focus on the educational future through research, implementation, assessment, and re-evaluation of practices.

√  Revolutionize how, when, and what students learn.

√  Grow passions that provide a foundation, foster talents, and prepare students to encounter the unknown.

Board Goal:  The Hopkins School Board will inspire and nurture transformation in how all Hopkins students learn.


The Hopkins School Board will:

√  Review options of junior and senior high school schedules and all related variables.

√  Share the vision that is guiding change to learning spaces and visit spaces that have been changed as a result.

√  Participate in a discussion with administrators focused on how instruction or delivery of the curriculum has been and will be transformed.

√  Examine the feasibility of and act upon, if necessary, moving grade 9 to Hopkins High Schools, and grade 6 to Hopkins North and Hopkins West, creating a middle school grades 6-8 model.

Strategic Pathway: Bridge

Validate, affirm, and connect the rich and diverse cultures of our community.

We will:

√  Foster an environment where students' beliefs and cultural identities are taught, developed, and honored. 

√  Challenge students and staff to see the world past their own personal lenses and build empathy.

√  Be vigilant and creative to recruit, hire, retain, and support a professional staff who reflect the racial and cultural diversity in our local and global community.

Board Goal:  The Hopkins School Board will intentionally connect with members of the Hopkins Public Schools' community.


The Hopkins School Board will:

√  Discuss strategic communication to demonstrate the District's strength in our students, community, and program.

√  Provide a forum for the Board to listen to community members and parents.  Such forums include but are not limited to PTOs, Superintendent forums, open houses, and parent-teacher conferences.

√  Explore the feasibility of offering a School Board Leadership Academy.

√  Survey parents and community members to ascertain perceptions and concerns about the District and educational programming.

Strategic Pathway:  Partner

Build strong partnerships with the local and global community.

We will...

√  Strengthen professional collaboration to reinforce student learning.

√  Pursue partnerships with diverse communities, businesses, and institutions.

√  Facilitate partnerships that provide real-life experiences and opportunities for Hopkins learners.

√  Engage students in the process.

Board Goal:  The Hopkins School Board will continue to foster partnerships with city, civic, county, and State leaders.


The Hopkins School Board will:

√  Co-host — with the Legislative Action Coalition — a forum for legislative candidates before the election.

√  Meet at least once/year with city councils to discuss issues related to education and children.

√  Continue to foster the District's partnership with Edina Public Schools.