XinXing Academy - Chinese Immersion K-6

XinXing Academy, Hopkins Public Schools' Chinese immersion program, opened at Eisenhower Elementary School in 2007. XinXing means New Star in Mandarin Chinese. XinXing attracts students from all parts of the Hopkins School District, as well as from other school districts in the Twin Cities area through open enrollment.

XinXing Academy is part of Eisenhower Elementary. We are one school community with two high-quality educational programs. We have two Chinese immersion classrooms at each grade level, K-6. XinXing Academy continues on in seventh-grade at West Junior High with XinXing @ West. In the 2017-18 school year, it will become part of the high school, and students will take advanced coursework in Chinese at the college level.

XinXing offers two sections of full-day kindergarten each year. We believe that having full-day kindergarten provides students with sufficient contact with the language to form the necessary base for success in first grade and beyond.

XinXing classrooms have been designated Confucius Classrooms by the Confucius Institute at the University of Minnesota. As part of this designation, XinXing has received grants to support Chinese cultural experiences such as Chinese music, dance, art and Gong Fu. Teacher training and materials have also been provided by the Confucius Institute to support Chinese language learning. A sister school connection between XinXing and Capital Normal University Primary School in Beijing China is also being supported through the Confucius Institute affiliation.

Additional Information

For additional information about XinXing Academy, please call Eisenhower Elementary School at 952.988.4300 or email Principal Paul Domer. 

Watch the XinXing Video

XinXing Academy from Hopkins Public Schools on Vimeo.

XinXing is an early total immersion program. That means that all core subject matter is taught in Mandarin Chinese for the full day in grades K-2. Students learn to read and write in Mandarin first. English language arts are introduced for the equivalent of one hour per day beginning in grade 3, and there is an even distribution of English and Mandarin by grades 5-6. Our goal is biliteracy. Special curriculum areas (art, music, physical education) are taught in English, but we infuse Chinese language and culture into those courses whenever possible.

A Day in the Life at XinXing Academy from Hopkins Public Schools on Vimeo.