Juntos Spanish Immersion

Juntos Spanish Immersion is Hopkins Public Schools’ secondary (grades 7-12) Spanish immersion continuation program designed as the next level for elementary Spanish immersion students, as well as for native Spanish speakers. Starting in seventh-grade, students have the option to take a humanities course and a science course in Spanish. When students enter high school, they can continue to take an array of advanced Spanish classes, all of which can earn them college credit.

Also unique to Juntos Spanish Immersion is the rich combination of native-Spanish speakers and immersion students learning together.

Advantages of Juntos Spanish Immersion

  • Juntos Spanish immersion is uniquely designed for native Spanish speakers and students who have completed an elementary immersion program.
  • Juntos Spanish immersion offers science classes in Spanish, providing students with medical terminology and technical vocabulary that may be valuable in their future careers.
  • Hopkins High School has an established advanced Spanish track, allowing students to continue studying Spanish throughout their entire secondary experience.
  • Students can potentially graduate with up to 16 college credits (learn how at the graph below).


Why Spanish? 

  • Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States.
  • The ability to master two languages is a skill that benefits all students. Bilingual adults have an advantage in the job market, and may have more earning power than their peers who speak only one language.
  • ISLA (International Spanish Language Academy), an elementary Spanish immersion charter school, has endorsed North Junior High, due to its high-quality Spanish programming and sequence, as their recommended school for students to continue their Spanish education.

 See Juntos in Action 

Learn More About Juntos

If you would like to schedule a tour or enroll in Juntos, please call 952-988-4805.