Student Nutrition and Lifestyle Services

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.




Looking for energetic people who love to learn new things, are unfailingly reliable, and love a challenge! Come work in a progressive school meal program and help kids fall in love with real food-especially fruits and vegetables!

And as long as kids get nights and weekends will you!
Qualified applicants will have the following skills:
  • Enjoys working in a youthful environment!
  • Loves to work with a close-knit, caring team!
  • Kitchen skills that compliment quantity food production is a plus, but we will train the right candidates!
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We provide school meal programs that nourish our students of Hopkins Public Schools. What we eat becomes the cells that make up our brains, our organs, our very body! If we want a happy, healthy body, we must feed it well! Indisputable science and research results tell us that in order to be healthy and happy we need the following:
  • Whole foods – minimally processed
  • Plant-based diet
  • Regular physical activity
  • Healthy relationships

These are all vital for both our physical and mental wellness! Food is one of the most important influences on everyday brain skills from concentration, to memory, to your mental health.

A variety of services are offered under the guidance of the nutrition department. Breakfast and lunch programs, a restaurant quality menu, a la carte lines, a catering and concessions service, and student wellness/education resources represent the major services.

Breakfast and lunch programs are offered at all schools. All meals served in school cafeterias must meet standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Back-to-School Picnic: Somali Menu & Recipes (pdf, 787 KB)

Did you enjoy the Somali-inspired meal at the back to school picnic this year? Here's your chance to try making the recipes at home!

Slowing Down School Food

Hopkins School District students are reaping the benefits of homecooked meals for lunch.  Many of our dishes are cooked from scratch and seasoned with spices in our own kitchens.  Read on to learn about our efforts to "slow down schools food".

2019-2020 Meal Prices and Information

Meal prices per meal for students and adults; meal prices by month; online payment instructions; and refund information

Free Meals and Food Assistance

Meal Benefit Forms for the 2019-2020 School Year

Meal Balances

“Mom, I need lunch money, TODAY!”  How many times have you received that call at work or at home? 

Special Diet Requests

If your child requires special diet considerations or needs lactose-free milk, please review this information.

Healthy Habits Handbook

"We know that a child who is hungry and cannot learn: becomes a man or woman who cannot earn." What a powerful statement! 

Volunteer to Become a Food Coach

Research shows that kids who eat healthy lunches concentrate better in class, do better on tests and have better behavior. Hopkins School District is committed to providing high-quality meals to students. Just because we provide it, however, doesn't mean the kids eat it. THAT'S WHY WE NEED YOU!

Join Our Team

If you want a meaningful job with good benefits and the opportunities for training and advancement, a job in school nutrition is for you. Preparing healthy, delicious school meals and helping children develop healthful eating habits are rewards in themselves. 

Cooking for Kids and Parents

Students can make their favorite school meals right from home!  Our Student Nutrition and Lifestyle Services food service is dedicated to the maintenance of our students' nutritional health.

reThink your drink

Made possible by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant through Hennepin County, this initiative promotes water consumption and hydration and discourages drinking sugary beverages for students in Hopkins junior and senior high schools and at home. 

Non-Discrimination Statement

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) official statement.