Pathways to Excellence

Mission Statement

The mission of Hopkins Public Schools is to provide excellence in every school, for every student, every day.

Pathway 1: Innovate

Encourage imaginative thinking, calculated risks, and innovative solutions to achieve the best outcomes for students


  • Sharpen our focus on the educational future through research, development and trend analysis to increase student achievement.
  • Sustain and expand communities that foster an innovative instructional culture.
  • Further develop digital content and dynamic learning experiences to enhance student engagement.

Pathway 2: Inspire

Grow passions that provide future directions


  • Provide learning opportunities that encourage critical thinking and creativity, global perspectives, pursuit of individual passions, and real-life applications of learning.

Pathway 3: Partner

Strong partnerships with the community

  • Build partnerships based on mutual benefits, and relationships of support and service.
  • Grow partnerships that provide real-life experiences and opportunities for Hopkins learners.
  • Strengthen partnerships with Hopkins Public Schools residents to sustain and enhance high-quality educational programming.


Strategic Plan (pdf, 353 KB)

Building an instructional culture